Transdisciplinary Communication

At ETCOP Institute for Interdisciplinary Reseach, we harness the power of diverse intersections for profound breakthroughs. By prioritizing transdisciplinary communication, we connect minds across disciplines to holistically understand complex challenges. This communicative foundation drives our Institute, where lively discussions, workshops, and collaborations transcend norms. Experts from diverse backgrounds engage in open dialogue, catalyzing fresh insights and solutions unique to this approach. From engineering to the social sciences, our researchers develop comprehensive strategies to address global complexities. Transdisciplinary communication fosters innovative thinking and mutual respect. The exchange of ideas across disciplines enriches our collective understanding and pushes us beyond assumptions to explore the extraordinary. Prof. Oberer and Prof. Erkollar are founding members of the Inter-national Association For Trans-Disciplinary Communication (AFTC).

" Transdisciplinary communication ignites the spark that drives innovation at our institute. At Etcop, we believe in the power of diverse minds coming together to illuminate new avenues of research and discovery. Through this collaborative exchange, we are shaping a future where knowledge transcends boundaries and transforms our world. "

Prof. Dr. Birgit Oberer, Founder