Founded with a passion for pushing the boundaries of knowledge, the ETCOP Institute for Interdisciplinary  Research brings together brilliant minds from diverse fields to unravel the mysteries of the world around us. Our interdisciplinary approach fosters a dynamic environment where experts from different fields come together, share insights, and inspire each other to think beyond conventional boundaries. Dedicated to driving progress and solving complex challenges, our researchers engage in projects that span a wide range of disciplines, from advanced technologies and sustainable energy to biomedical breakthroughs and social sciences. By fostering a culture of curiosity and the cross-pollination of ideas, we ignite innovation that has the power to shape the future.

" The ETCOP Institute embodies the essence of boundless curiosity and collaboration. Our pursuit of knowledge knows no silos, no boundaries. Together, we blaze new trails at the intersection of disciplines, shaping a future where innovation thrives and the unimaginable becomes reality."

Prof. Dr. Alptekin Erkollar, Founder