Board of Directors

Alptekin Erkollar

Professor Dr., Founder

"ETCOP Institute embodies the fusion of passion and knowledge across boundaries. Our mission transcends disciplines, fostering a realm where collaboration breeds innovation and curiosity paves the way for the extraordinary."

Birgit J. Oberer

Professor Dr., Founder

"At ETCOP Institute, we weave a tapestry of ideas from diverse minds. Our journey is about embracing the unknown, where each thread of expertise intertwines to create solutions that redefine what is possible."

Anna Stein

Associiate Prof. Dr.

"Innovation thrives when minds come together without boundaries. As part of ETCOP Institute, I'm driven by the belief that collaboration across disciplines fosters ideas that reshape the future and push boundaries beyond what we thought possible."

Siegfried Begun

Associate Professor Dr.

"The essence of ETCOP Institute lies in its ability to unravel complexity through unity. As a board member, I'm inspired by the limitless potential that emerges when diverse perspectives come together to create solutions at the intersection of knowledge and possibility".